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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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with the perfect wine. >> well, as dion just mentioned, we are in for a slight warm-up in the midland's, that is all relative. compared to what we have been having. >> temperatures dropping into the 20's overnight. >> good morning, and thank you for waking up with us. >> don't expect temperatures into the 70s or even the 60's for that matter, but, you got a nice number for us this morning? >> it will be numbers that are better than what we been doing with less several mornings, but we are still starting off cold nevertheless. 25 in camden, 25 in bishopville, 30 degrees in lexington, the wind chill is not as bad but in some communities it feels like 20 degrees, .2 22 and sumter. we have light winds right now here in columbia, 30 degrees
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chill is 3 degrees as well. the bus stop, it will be cold, 25 degrees with the possible windchill of 20. slow warm-up, mostly sunny skies as we get into the afternoon. 51 and it will you as wendy but i 9:00 tonight, it will be mostly cloudy. so get ready, we are going to do with lots of sunshine out it will still be on the chilly side. as we get ready to head out on the roads, it's not looking too bad right now. most of our thorough fairs are looking pretty good as we look at interstate 26. this will be the east and westbound leg, traffic is light right now and expected to pick up later. a little bit of a they slow down still from an ongoing problem, stalled vehicle on highway 76-370.
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downtown, you are looking at a minutes. take look at the weekend forecast, it is valentine's day on sunday, and we can take a look at that forecast coming up as well as the seven-day in a few minutes. >> students at airport high school can go back to class after a fire broke out in one of the buildings yesterday. firefighters say fire started in hvac unit on top of the building. the students were taken back to former middle. one parent said she was told about the situation very early and was happy about the quick response. >> now to the presidential campaign, other clinton and bernie sanders face-off in their six democratic debate tonight in milwaukee this comes just two days after the vermont
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of state in the new hampshire primary. a smaller gop field now including hampshire winner donald trump will take part in a debate this weekend ahead of the next critical primary right here in south carolina. and bernie sanders doesn't have any campaign stops planned, but clinton has a large lead over sanders in south carolina. >> last night, bernie sanders was on the late show with stephen colbert. the late-night talkshow host told sanders that because he is behind her clinton in the polls, he would help his chances of winning by teaching him about southern cuisine, including of course boiled peanuts. >> you take a peanut and you boil it in saltwater, and you use it, just like that. so that is a boiled peanut you
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do you want a beer? >> this when. >> south carolina -- this wins they south carolina? >> it didn't look like he liked it quite that much. speaking of, several gop candidates are in our state today. our future president right here in south carolina. gill marco rubio and former governor bush has his stops as well. then he's holding a town hall meeting at senate in right here at 6:30 p.m. texas senator ted cruz scheduled to campaign in rock hill as well.
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heading strong as well. >> both the democratic and republican parties are feeling the election heat with the next primaries just around the corner. gop party chair mat morse says for years, the candidate that won the primary in south carolina went on to win the nomination. but the democratic party chair says they are the new boys on the block that appeal to a more diverse crowd. both parties say all candidates will have to connect with the voters directly, and prepare, because south carolina is different from iowa and new hampshire. >> for the long-term strength of the democratic party, have to figure out, how you play in the south. >> millions of people are watching to republican debates and people are excited about the primary, and the level of activity online is through the roof. the level of activity through the website is through the roof. >> if you're looking to get the
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have a valid reason. in richmond county, you can go before the day of the primary election. for people voting, you have until the 19th. >> you just have one of the ve photo ids ready, and we will get you in and out in no time. when you go to the polls on january -- february 24 february 20 seventh, you have to have that same information. we are looking forward to a very smooth election this time around. >> absentee voting is open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and saturday from 9:00 a.m. until noon. >> this is our mom of the day. she was nominated by her daughter, marcella shell. marcella tells us her mother's patient, kind and understanding.
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from wrong and holds them accountable for all of their actions. she says she backs us up when we need her and loves us unconditionally and we appreciate her. so congratulations to you. if you want to nominate a mom, just go to our website and we have a banner that you can click to send in your nomination. >> now it is time for our word of the day. those with the theme of the political stuff happening right now so the word of the day is incumbent, which means, holder of an office. and in our presidential race, there is no incumbent. >> well president obama is the incumbent but he's not running. still to come, stick around. whether you are single or in a relationship, if you love chocolate and/or wine, our next
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we have an expert in studio to tell us how to best pair of the
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will be sunny, but chilly. all right. welcome back. whether you are single or in
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chocolate or wine, or either or, this segment is for you. joining us now is joseph with evolution chocolate. and you do wine pairings. we are talking about wine and chocolate. so tellme what we have here today. >> chocolate is great because it appears so easily with different kinds of lines. typically people think about red wines, but it pairs with bubbly is, and others. >> what do we have pair here in our standard peering? >> this is just breath profit wine, but this would go with any of the bury flavors. then you also have thing, some of the darker flavors like espresso and caravelle sometimes.
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certainly am not, if you're picking up one bottle of wine for content stay, what type of wine would you go to? >> if you were peering it with chocolate, i would. with a red wine, like a cabernet or pinot noir. >> it appears with so many different things. on friday at the south carolina state museum i will be pairing it with local beers from swamp cabbage. and then on sunday, at the museum of art, we will be doing aa wine pairing with five or six different wines. >> and you said registration is still open? >> yes, there are probably are spaces available for both. >> i'm throwing this out here, dark chocolate. so you have nice dark chocolate.
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something like a cabernet or merlot, anything on the dark red and is good for chocolate. >> honestly, what is the difference between a cabernet and they merlot. >> they are all individual. they are subtly nuanced, each vineyard is even different. my best advice, i mean it's wine and chocolate, you can't go wrong. >> so with a bubblylywine, what you do white chocolate? >> well, there is really nothing chocolate about white chocolate, is just fat and sugar. i prefer dark chocolate. >> i will have one. >> yes, he was asking me earlier, we have wine at 6:00 a.m., never too early for
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so the average valentine's day, we were talking about this earlier. someone spends $516 between wine and chocolate. is that right? >> well i think you could get out for a lot less. [laughter] >> inks for joining us and telling us about these awesome pairings. >> how can i think about whether right now i'm thinking about chocolate and wine? one thing we have to deal with this morning is cool temperatures. it's called around the midlands right now, dropping down to 21 in camden, 25 in bishopville, columbia@30. the windchill is not as bad as we have been doing less, but so cold. it feels like 20 degrees in saint matthews. we had a cold front which was a trough and then push well off into the southern low country. you could see some cloud coverage coming in and we will have a westerly flow but it won't be
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was the last few days. 50degrees, mild and multi- sunny skies. highs today will reach the upper 50's through lower 50's. in columbia, isa 50 degrees, with mostly sunny skies. it will be called mobile have increasing cloud coverage is and all of the lows tonight will be in the upper 20's, from 292 newberry 229 in bishopville, 34 in orangeburg and 33 for the low and sumter. area of low pressure right now has been building into the central plains. plains. i will be making its way towards palmetto state and, as it moves through we will have the increasing cloud coverage all throrohout the overnight and into the early morning hours. we will have a little bit of precipitation with the cold air moving through, and much of that cloud coverage will start to move off.
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the overnight, we will have better clearing skies. so we hit a high of 49 degrees tomorrow with that cloud coverage, 47 on saturday and on valentine's day, very cold, 29 degrees with the high of 40 and another cold front coming through. on presidents' day we have a chance for light to moderate showers and warmer on tuesday with a high of 55. rain shoululbe ending by late tuesday night, and as we get into wednesday, 34 to start off with. as of get into wednesday afternoon, get ready, we are looking at a high of 62 degrees. so get ready, it will be a nice we can still chilly nevertheless. as far as the roads, as we look at our thursday morning traffic, interstate 20 eastbound, looking pretty good on interstate 20, from the interstate 77 split, no delays on the map at all.
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down as we are coming down on pharaoh road, and as you are coming across highway 555, 23 miles per hour as you get past, and as you are heading north, heading towards decker boulevard, it's moving at about 20 miles per hour. we still have that stalled vehicle on garnet very road. then it's about a 32 minute commute, and from interstate 77 and 26 you are looking at about 11 minutes. the roads are looking good and you will need your sunglasses this morning for your thursday morning commute. >> it's time now to take daniels weather fact of the day. today's weather fact is, today in 1912, columbia received six and a half inches of snow. >> meanwhile, here, we are complaining about 40 degrees.
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inches. >> and yesterday we had the blizzard. >> i don't know if it was the same year. >> if you want more weather fax like that, just appreciate where we are today, you can follow daniel bond on twitter. he and you can follow me as well. >> still to come this morning,
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders.
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we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> 6:23 a.m., you may have heard the theme, dreams don't work unless you do. so how much work would you give in to make your dream and reality? >> this peaceful and calm morning is soon disrupted by men at work. >> it looks like a bomb has gone off. >> these guys didn't meet at a job site, you could say they are born to do this. >> we are brothers and we work together pretty wl. >> isn't there something that he does?
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all the measuring, the sawing, and the nailing, it's part of the kickstart campaign. donations were given in exchange for labor, and in this case, the remodel of an entire home. all of this ruckus has a bit of a beat to it. meet the hinckley brothers. [music] they don't quit and they live life to the fullest. >> bro country. >> practicing in their parents basement in powell, these brothers are using the kickstart her funds to put out a real nashville produced country album.
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picked out. >> this is completely different than any other albums we have done because budget on the other albums have been zero. >> their lives flow through their music. >> songs like podunk. >> for the normal person, our stuff is right up everyone's alley. >> that song goes up to the hauler, two claiborne county where he lives. >> we never thought we would get to that point, but we are happy to do it. >> when it comes to accomplishing goals, these brothers are set to work for their success. >> i don't think there's another band in history of the universe that paid for their
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>> so while the noise seems harsh, if you listen closely, you'll hear the sound of something great and ready to be discovered. >> don't forget, ache sure this is on your calendars. this coming monday, you will be able to watch performances from justin bieber, lady gaga and taylor swift in the grammy awards. you can watch the grammys right here on wltx at 8:00. >> we are a little more than a week away from the first in the south gop primary and the campaign is heating up. >> this morning we will hear from the top five candidates in the republican race and breakdown where the
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in our state >> a little bit warmer, and not quite as wendy as it was yesterday. good thursday morning. >> or friday evening, as we like to call it. and they slight warm-up, that's the warm-up. >> it still brings a bird in february. >> 25 in falluja, warty seven in , the windchill in saint
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degrees and sumter. in columbia the winds are light out of the west northwest and clear skies at 30 degrees. they will neither jacket this morning, what he 5 degrees as the way to head off to school today. we are looking at a warm-up, 51 degrees with lots of sunshine and lighter winds out of the west at five to 10 miles per hour. increasing cloud coverage and tomorrow we will have mostly cloudy skies with the high of 49 degrees. as far as your thursday morning commute, as we look at the roads for your travel right now, under state 26, as you had towards saint andrews, jeff it has been picking up but no accidents have been reported on the interstate. we are clear on the interstate but we have an ongoing issue which will be a stalled vehicle on highway 76-378 at richmond boulevard. as you are traveling on sumter
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from bias would heading downtown you are looking at 14 minutes. we will look at the seven-day forecast in the important weekend forecast. >> thank you. >> the first in the south gop primary is a little more than one week away and republican candidates continue to campaign across the state. >> we breakdown where they will be and what they are talking about as they gear up this morning. >> let's look at what's happening on the campaign trail today. several presidential candidates look to get your vote. we begin with marco rubio, who has a campaign stop in hilton head, and we will admit that he came across a it scripted in the new hampshire debate and we caution that he won't make the same mistake in greenville. >> the bottom line is i had a
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and it didn't want to attack another republican. but unfortunately, the press and others looked at that as a way to be evasive, and it created a distraction for us. so i made the wrong decision and from now on if we are challenged we put out the differences in our records for other candidates. >> the latest numbers show him currently third behind take crews, and the front runner, trump. speaking of trump, he was and clemson last night still celebrating his first-place finish in new hampshire. he told a crowd of thousands of people across the country want change and he is the man for the job. >> people are tired of losing in this country, we lose all the time. people are tired of the stupidity, incompetence -- we are not going to he it anymore. and you know, we had a case where somebody was talking about the anger that they think
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person, and you are not angry, but we are angry about the way our country is run. >> trump is headed out-of-state to campaign in louisiana tonight and not scheduled to be back here until next week. monday he is in greenville and then he has to stops in walterboro and sumter. texas senator ted cruz will be in rock hill appearing with going back. he says his early success in iowa and new hampshire prove that voters want a consisting candidate as the next president. >> the thing about iowa and new hampshire is it has narrowed the field and given south carolina and clear choice. the men and women of south carolina i believe one day consistent conservative. someone who is the same yesterday and today and tomorrow. >> he's having breakfast in georgetown as he campaigns there, and north myrtle beach
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wraps up his day in florence. john kasich says he is not looking to start anything. >> i will defend myself is all. i'm not going to be a pincushion, and i'm not so adjusted in going on theheattack against somebody, that's not where my mind is for my attitude. >> today is jeb bush's birthday. baker sweet and sumter will have cake. that event starts at 3:30 p.m. and nodoubt he will be answering more questions about donald trump. >> on our side it, we have the leaning candidate who does the exact same thing, pusheseople down to make himself look fake. big. it's not a sign of strength to disparage women. >> bush also has a town hall event in congress make the gets
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and new hampshire winner ernie sanders doesn't have any campaign stop scheduled for south carolina this week. that could change today or tomorrow. hillary clinton's campaign will be in denmark tomorrow, even with last night's big loss. recent polls show clinton with a massive lead over sanders in south carolina. that's the latest on the candidates, where they are today into tonight. don't forget, we have the debate for you, saturday night at 9:00 right here on news 19. >> thank you, they are. and this morning we honestly know that chris christie is leaving the race and carly fiorina is also dropping out. >> she master decision yesterday. the former executives struggled and i crowded primary field and her poll numbers were very low. she finished with only 1% of the vote tuesday night. >> the fbi's running and federal wildlife refuge in
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armed activists remain holed up. the event was streamed on the internet as occupiers refused to stand down. 12 other activists were arrested at the site last month. >> executives with royal caribbean plan to strengthen the company storm avoidance properties after one of the cruise ships sailed right into the path of a dangerous storm. passengers cheered wednesday evening as the anthem of the season returned to its home port. it was on its way to florida sunday when he it was battered by massive waves and hurricane force wind. >> if you still need valentine's day plans, was an up. uber writers can when not all expense paid trip dream date to new york city, including a flight on your own private jet, $82,500 shopping spree at saks fifth
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to enter just take an uber tomorrow, use the app and hit the code dream date. just slide over to the valentine's day love the you and request to be entered. the winners will be picked up in ace special upgrade vehicle. >> good luck everyone. speaking of money, today safety and savings come together before the next ones hits. >> moneyman mad grad granite introduces us. >> today's deal is powered by viewer request, some of the brightest lights money can buy, all in the name of safety and a few other benefits. take a look at the survival light. youth they make sure that you can see and be seen.
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hunting, early morning runs, or anything outside. four modes, weather resistant, 41% off and $19. let's put this bad boy to the test. >> this is one light, to lights, three lights. look how bright that is. my entire storage facility is beautifully well lit. >> i loved not only how bright it was but the battery light is fully rechargeable and it can look as good as this. more information on our website, >> more than $160,000 in marijuana plants have been seized at a home in columbia. >> we will tell you where they were and what arrests have been
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>> and this weekend, it will be >> no delays right now if you are flying out of columbia metropolitan airport, and no delays on the connecting something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police,
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for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism.
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>> welcome back to wltx news 19 on the sprucing thursday morning, as temperatures drop the midlands are in the 20's and 30's. 27degrees in newberry, 21 in camden, lexington and columbia each at 30 degrees. when chill is affecting some of our communities and the wind
6:38 am
in saint matthews and 22 right now and sumter. the cold front has pushed through stretched from the grand strand all the way to the low country. white winds coming out of the west and nowhere near what we dealt with over the last few days. mostly sunny and 50 degrees s d the sunshine will warm up today with highs in the upper 40s down through the lower 50's. increasing cloud coverage as ago into the evening, with overnight lows generally in the 30's. as we get into tomorrow, we pressure that will be coming in from the potential planes, and it state. we will have increasing cloud cover tomorrow and we will reach the high of 49 degrees. tomorrow 47 but down to 21 degrees sunday morning. valentine's day, sunshine and 40 degrees and then eight
6:39 am
into monday and tuesday. monday we reject a high of 62 degrees. checking on road conditions, taking a peak outside, traffic has been moving and picking up, but no accidents are being reported on interstate 26. we do have one accident, interstate 26 and airport road by exit 113. this was reported the team minutes ago but it's not
6:40 am
and clemson road, a 12 welcome back to news 19. 6:49a.m., let's talk "usa today." the paper just came in and, it is nice and cold, from outside. all about politics. this christie and carly fiorina dropping out of the race as other candidates come to south carolina for the first south primary. >> another thing we are talking about, valentine's day. >> completely unrelated to politics. >> now apparently some florists are sticking their nose up at roses. not that there is anything wrong with roses but some startups are doing other things. some are doing things along the lines of decorative kale and eucalyptus. >> if you give me kale for
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to have a problem. [laughter] and that poll that i've posted on my twitter about -- we were talking earlier about how the average person spends $512, most people on my twitter poll, 80% saying they think it's less than that. kale or roses.
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county cou if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes,
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. thanks for waking up with news
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it is thursday, february 11. >> it's 54:00 a.m., let's get to the top stories. in columbia, police are asking for the public's help in solving a fatal shooting that happened four years ago. into thousand 12, the body of warren nelson was found at 901 colston street nelson was talking to a man inside of a road four-door gold buick century moments before he was killed. police believe nelson knew the man he was killed by. >> one via police say they have seized almost four dozen marijuana plants from a home that they say was an indoor marijuana growing operation. 45 plants were discovered at a home on caroline drive and south columbia. you are looking at pictures from the seizure. two bedrooms were set up with the equipment used to grow marijuana indoors and this man has been charged with manufacturing pot. police say the plants have an estimate it street value of
6:45 am
>> columbia police also need your help to find who is responsible for stealing a trailer filled with $30,000 worth of flooring equipment. it happened around 6:00 a.m. on monday on candy lane. the van is described as being an older model, multicolored dodge with white top, black passenger side and gray driver-side door. >> a richland county councilman is sentenced to probation and a fine for not being his taxes over a three-year period of time. councilman killed calvin washington pleaded guilty and is judge sentenced him to three years probation and a fine of $200,000. prosecutors say the errors they found were with washington's personal finances, and no misuse of public funds. happening today, a hearing
6:46 am
dylann roof, after he killed people attending a bible study. a judge delayed his trial after an attorney said they needed time to review evidence in the case. roof will not appear in court for the hearing. meanwhile, the state's case continues and the trial trial is set for july. meanwhile, dylann roof's friend joey meek is scheduled for a hearing today to talk about his role in the case. 21 -year-old meek failed to tell investigators all he knew about roof's plan to shoot churchgoers in june. >> heart disease in men and women often goes undiagnosed, so tonight at palmetto health specialist will speak to women about the risk of heart disease. this will take place in the park ridge location at palmetto health parkway. and if you see smoke near the petri rock reserve in lexington, don't worry. we are told there is a
6:47 am
starting around 11:00 a.m., and firefighters will be on site fighting the fire. >> images continue founders baseball. today's scrimmage starts at 3:45 p.m. tomorrow is out for. blic. after a loss to uconn, the usc possible team back on the court to florida at the colonial life arena. they are looking for their school tying tenth win against a ranked opponent this season. while, the gators will attempt their first win over the gamecocks since 2011. tipoff at 7:00. >> let's check on the traffic. >> right now, taking a peak at interstate 20, this will be over at mile marker 56. travel in both directions has been picking up, but no accidents be reported on the interstate.
6:48 am
getting into columbia. we had an earlier accident off of airport road and interstate .6 westbound, but now it is clear. outside of that we will still be dealing with cold temperatures. right now, 30 degrees in columbia, light winds, clear skies and when the kids get off the bus, it will be pretty cold. with clear skies right now, some cloud coverage coming out of the upstate and we will be dealing with just a little bit of cloud coverage. mostly sunny when the kids get out, 50 degrees, and it will be mild. high temperature of 51 degrees and the winds will be light, think goodness, out of the west at five or 10 miles per hour. tonight cold with an increasing cloud coverage and they low of 32 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, cloud coverage and 49 degrees. 37 on saturday, and on valentine's day, rigidly cold,
6:49 am
rain chances come back monday and tuesday, but wednesday the high is 62 degrees. >> that's what i'm looking at, i'm just looking forward to that 62 degrees. >> good we just have today, then jump to tuesday and wednesday? >> we can't skip valentine's day dion. we learned how to pair wine and chocolate. >> and how to spend $512. [laughter] >> we hope you have a wonderful and safe day. >> cbs this morning is next and they look at the candidates as they come through south carolina.
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